Wool is a great material to wear in the cold winters of Ohio. It can keep you warm even when it gets wet. Valhalla Acres fiber is of superior quality. Below are just a few of the benefits.

Locally Produced

Whereas most wool is produced by across the globe (New Zealand and Australia), our wool comes from animals grazing happily in the foothills of Appalachia. Many more people are interested in eating local foods, but what you wear is just as important in terms of the environmental impact.

Hand-Spun and Dyed

When you buy wool from most stores it will be wool that was produced by machines in a factory. Whereas this may be more economically efficient for producers, it lacks the quality and human touch that you get when you work with wool yourself. Our yarn is hand spun which gives it a quality that you can't get from huge machinery. We also offer roving that we dye ourselves on the farm with both chemical and natural dyes. Because we work with the wool directly from the sheep by hand, we don't need to use corrosive chemicals that most store bought wool is processed with.