Valhalla Acres is home to 25 sheep.

Our flock is made up of a variety of Border Leicsters and Merino cross. These sheep are part of our family and we take good care of them. Some of our sheep have been with our farm for almost as long as we have been living on the land, at this point it's 10 years. Even though they are old they still produce beautiful wool and we take care of them. While are sheep aren't certified organic, we do try to feed them with locally sourced grass and pasture as much as possible.


Valhalla Acres is home to a pair of goats named Enid & Thora.

Thora was born on our farm in the Spring of 2010, whereas Enid mysteriously appeared with our flock of sheep one day. Inquiries as to a lost goat with surrounding farms found no further information, so she has the nickname of Space Goat.


Our farm is also the home for 6 horses. Something of a retirement home, we offer a happy place for a few lucky horses to call home. Our herd consists of mostly quarter horses. Some of our horses are retired breeders and some of them were rescues from the auction. We take pride in our horses and ride them on a daily basis through the trails of our farm.